Earth Deodorant

natural deodorant
natural deodorant

Earth Deodorant


Don't let the colour fool you!

This gentle deodorant goes on clear and smells great! It delivers the benefits of commercial deodorant, without the toxins. Earth Deodorant is free of baking soda (which can irritate the skin) and contains one of the most effective and powerful healing clays.

Clay pulls toxins from the skin and acts as an anti-antiperspirant, since it absorbs moisture very quickly. The clay, along with the shea butter, vitamin E, lavender and tea tree oils makes Earth Deodorant anti-bacterial while soothing and healing the skin.

Earth deodorant is zero waste and comes in a little glass jar so you can carry it in your bag while on the go. 

Ingredients: Arrowroot powder*, calendula and neem infused coconut oil*, 100% natural calcium bentonite (green) clay, locally sourced beeswax, vitamin E, shea butter*, sage*, essential oil of lavender*,  listea cubeba* and tea tree*

*: //organic

1.5 oz

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