Yoga in Mexico City - Yoga Espacio

Making my way through Mexico City's yoga scene, I tried a month at Yoga Espacio. They have three locations, Coyoacan, Colonia Del Valle & El Centro, with each studio having its own distinct vibe.

This is a very unpretentious yoga studio, the staff is really friendly and compassionate. Every class I've been to, the teachers really break down the poses to make sure you're doing them correctly; I would say the studios method is loosely related to the Iyengar lineage. Be prepared to use props!  

The classes are slower paced but still work up a sweat and are strengthening. I highly recommend going to Miguel Nieto's classes. They are well thought out, creative and he takes the time to really understand his students, he is one of the best teachers I've trained with. He takes you on a physical and energetic journey. Classes are in Spanish which is an experience within itself and definitely a good way to learn the language hands on. All locations have change rooms and bathrooms. 


This is my favourite studio because of the ambiance with its' bohemian vibe. This location tends to be busy and class sizes are larger. There's a great little cafe downstairs from the studio where you can grab a drink or food, they have vegan/vegetarian/gluten free options.  It's a cozy place to hang out before or after class. 

Address: Av Miguel Angel de Quevedo 969, Parque San Andres Coyoacán, 04330 Coyoacan, DF


Colonia del Valle

This location was close to my place so I frequented it the most. The studio is two stories and caters to a more conservative crowd compared to Coyoacan. The studio gets lots of natural light so I recommend the morning classes. 

Address: Patricio Sanz, 1011, Benito Juarez, Col del Valle Centro, 03100 Mexico City, DF


El Centro/Alameda

This studio is right downtown in a more urban setting. Located upstairs from a few restaurants, it has two studios and classes tend to be smaller in size. This location is great if you want to do some sightseeing or museum hopping before or after your class. 

Address: Doctor Mora 9 Cuauhtemoc, Colonia Centro, 06000 Mexico City, DF

Overall: This yoga studio is unique because of all the individual attention and hands on assists. I recommend Yoga Espacio if you are looking to perfect the yoga asanas as opposed to a vigorous workout. I will definitely make this my go-to studio.