Sustainable Accomodation in San Miguel de Allende

Eco Hotel

I had the wonderful opportunity to stay at a zero waste sanctuary while visiting San Miguel de Allende. Posada Corazón is an sustainable bed & breakfast right in the heart of San Miguel. When I arrived outside the entrance and waited for the Mexican antique doorway to open, I was not prepared for what was behind. It was as though the doors opened up to another world, where the environment and community were the elements that created the foundation of this special place.


The place is a beautiful heritage building that is set in a lovely botanical garden. The place has a very homey ambience with it's traditional Mexican architecture from the 1960's. It's spacious but still has the aura of a family home, making it cozy and inviting. It is set in beautifully landscaped gardens; it almost feels as though you are in the country as opposed to right by the main streets of the city. There is a large library where guests can read books, the selection includes anything from botany to art. 

Happy chickens that are free to play. 

Happy chickens that are free to play. 

If you can't stay here, I recommend coming in for their breakfast, which is open to the public. The dining  area overlooks the gardens where the food is grown. Everything is organic and fresh and you can definitely taste it. As you sit and eat you can see the chickens that roam around the property and provide the eggs for the meals. You can literally see where your food comes from.... this is my version of paradise! You must try the anise cookies that are sweetened with cane sugar they grown on the property.   

My first time seeing a banana tree! They weren't ready yet but it was so cool to see.  

My first time seeing a banana tree! They weren't ready yet but it was so cool to see.  

I got to sit with the owners of the Posada and I was amazed at the thought and care that goes into each decision they make in running this space. One of the highlights was when I got to try the rainwater they collect year-round; it tasted so sweet. I also learned of programs they offer to women in surrounding towns, teaching them to grow their own food. They further their education by learning to cook, using the ingredients they've tended to throughout the seasons. One of the keys to a sustainable future is to become autonomous from the oil industry and to empower individuals, by giving them the choice of what they put in and on their bodies. The Posada is leading this movement. 

They also offer yoga classes, massages, use of the sauna and meditation room & WiFi. 

I couldn't imagine a better eco place to stay in San Miguel. I recommend checking out this serene spot if you're travelling to San Miguel de Allende... I know I'll definitely be back! 


Aldama 9, Centro
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico 37700

Tel/fax in Mexico: +52 (415) 152.0182, 152.2165
U.S. toll-free number: 1 (866) 278 2279