Oh yeah! I live with a carnivore

I woke up this morning excited for my first committed day of being completely waste free, (I used to cheat) I got up to feed my cat (Mooji)  and realized that I was out of food for him. He's on a raw food diet consisting of rotating meats and raw pumpkin, great for his fur coat, but unfortunately all of his food comes in vacuum sealed bags, made of plastic. The horror! There are already 270,000 tons of plastic waste floating on the surface of our oceans. All of these products are petroleum-based, and when plastic finally does break down - after say, about 100 years, - it releases a lot of toxic chemicals. BPA, phthalates, dioxin, styrene, vinyl choloride; these chemicals end up in our air and water, injuring and poisoning wildlife.

Plastic Soup

Plastic Soup

If I can go waste free, my cat can too! I knew that there had to be a way for me to keep him on his diet and keep it zero waste. I looked up making food for him, but I'm not at the point where I want to invest in a heavy duty meat grinder.

I decided to call up a local, organic butcher. Being vegan, I'm not exactly used to frequenting the butchers of Vancouver.

I called up Windsor Quality Meats and they told me they produce raw cat and dog food and they also vacuum seal it before they sell it. I explained how I'm waste free and if there was any way I could bring my own containers to pack it in so I can forgo the plastic. The very kind gentleman on the phone told me I will have to get it when they make it fresh before they freeze it but they were more than happy to take my number and give me a call when it's ready. Windsor Meats only makes cat and dog food in big batches when they have enough trim, I'm going to assume that most butchers are the same.

What do I do for the next week?

I have a bunch of canned salmon my dad caught over a decade ago sitting in my cupboard that I was saving for earthquake food, but I think I can spare some for my lucky kitty that gets to have a mostly fish diet for the rest of the week. I also buy some chicken necks and wings from Whole Foods Market; their meat wrapping paper is compostable but I still recommend bringing your own containers if you can.

What about the cans? 

Here's a cool way to upcycle them:

Make a tea light holder!  I painted it with some eco-friendly paint I had left over, hammered it into the wall, and stuck a beeswax tea light in it.

                        No, Mooji....there's no more salmon in there! 

...et voilà!

I never would have thought that my first zero waste problem was going to have to do with Mooji ... at least I'm getting some cute candle holders out of it (: