Cocktail Find in Mexico City

I'm always in search of a good cocktail and was happy to find the perfect little bar in Mexico City. Baltra Bar is an intimate, lively little spot with innovative cocktails and quirky decor, located in Condesa, a young, upscale neighbourhood. They call the bartender behind the bar "La Fiera" which translates to "the Beast" ... his cocktails are flawlessly executed and have some of the most interesting flavours, not to mention he works with incredible speed. 

The space is clever; it feels like a speakeasy and due to the small but open space, it's easy to bump into other patrons and socialize. It's all in the details at Baltra, the menu reads like a storybook and is consistent with the characteristic theme of the bar. In between cocktails, I recommend sipping on a shot of Sotol, Flor del Desierto. It's not quite a mezcal, not quite a tequila; it has an incredible earthy, smokey and mythical taste. It's made from pure wild agave and processed in a very traditional way. The type of agave only grows in the Chihuahuan Desert around the city of Coyame. It was a treat to try.

If there was one bar I'd go to for my last drink, this would be it. 


Hours:  Monday/Tuesday: 18:00 - 00:00, Wednesday: 18:00-01:00, Thursday-Saturday: 18:00-02:00
Address: 06100 de, Iztaccihuatl 28, D.F

Photos courtesy of Baltra Bar

EDIT FEBRUARY 19, 2016: As of February 15th, 2016, Baltra Bar has stopped using straws in their establishment. They have stopped using drinking straws to stop plastic pollution and do not want to support the use of single-use plastics that are destructive to marine life when they end up in our oceans.