Zero Waste Herb Store in Vancouver

I've discovered a lot of great zero waste shopping spots in my neighbourhood. I recently popped into a new shop on Main Street. And now, I'm in love!

Balance Botanicals is a zero waste oasis. Located at 4341 Main Street in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

They carry a wide range of ethically sourced botanicals, teas, containers (for filling and re-filling) and lots of waste free accessories. The owners are very welcoming and knowledgable and strive to be as waste free as possible. The store stands in line with a lot of my core values; reducing the amount of waste that ends up in our landfills and ecosystem. When stores like this open up it demonstrates that people (and business owners) are committed to reducing the negative impact we are having on the planet. It also makes being zero waste a whole lot easier! 

Besides perusing the botanicals, you can sit and have a tea (I'm sipping on a custom tea made for kidney cleansing), read up on recipes spread throughout the store, fill up on olive oil/balsamic vinegar/apple cider vinegar, or munch on some all natural candies. 

The store is beautiful and inspiring. I think I found my new local hangout where I can sip on a variety of blended teas while blogging. 


UPDATE: ICBC contacted me back, their cards are made of polycarbonate and can be recycled. I recommend returning them to an ICBC office. The city of Vancouver does not accept them because they are laminated and they don't separate them. (I called them to inquire)

Visa also contacted me to let me know that their credit cards are made from PVC and cannot be recycled.