Grow Your Own Herb Garden

I used the last of my greens today, I bought some last week at Pomme Natural Market, which is a great local grocery store to buy basic bulk and amazing (mostly) organic deli items, downtown Vancouver (and it's locally owned). I used to think I bought my vegetables in the same way I buy nuts, seeds, beans and other bulk food, but I now realize that's not true. All my produce comes with a sticker or twist tie! I had overlooked this simple detail, until today when I was about to dispose of the twist tie that was wrapped delicately around my kale. Into my trash jar it goes! 

Pruning and giving my herbs some love

I try to shop at the Vancouver Farmer's Market as much as possible and markets are great if you want to avoid twist ties and stickers. I also recommend getting an herb garden. Ever since I started cooking with herbs I noticed how my dishes become so much more flavourful. Especially since I started using fresh, organic herbs that I give all my love to. My herb planter consists of:

Rosemary Thyme Lemon Thyme Wild Arugula Bay Leaves Alpine Strawberry Garlic Chives Greek & Italian Oregano Creeping Savoury Italian Parsley & some delectable weeds that taste like lemon pepper

                    Little thyme flowers

                    Little thyme flowers

Little thyme flowers

The planter doesn't take up a lot of space or time. I prune my herbs a couple of times a week and enjoy the deliciouness in my kitchen, there's something uplifting and energizing when eating whole foods. Your herbs don't need to come in plastic containers, plus it's way more expensive when you buy them from the store. My planter should last me 3-4 years, that's a whole lot of savings. I find it therapeutic when working with the soil and knowing where my food comes from; it shifts your perspective of what food is when you know its' origin.

Now for the fun blend or to cook?

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