I'm Ella and I've been travelling since I was two weeks old. From Liberia to Switzerland to Korea; exploring the world has been an important part of my upbringing. It was no surprise to anyone when I wanted to study international relations and psychology in university. 

I believe creating a healthful life is essential for both personal and planetary well being. Adapting to new cultures and learning how to navigate the world in a foreign setting isn't always easy when you want to live more sustainably. I look for greener alternatives while on the road and share them on this site. From markets, zero waste refill shops, sustainable restaurants; I'm constantly seeking new planet-friendly options. 

I took up a zero waste challenge in January 2014, meaning, I wasn't allowed to send trash to the landfill. I extended the challenge and am still able to be zero waste. Since I've gone plastic free and zero waste I developed healthier eating habits, saved money and learned how to make my own home and body products. 

                                 Making wishes in Guatemala

                                 Making wishes in Guatemala


During this time I completed my 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certification in San Francisco, California, under Eric Shaw and learned that yoga employs a broad holistic approach to living. I tend to lean towards the extremist side when I take up new interests and yoga has taught me about his beautiful thing called balance. 

We do our best when we can and I want to provide some helpful eco friendly recipes and ideas that you can incorporate into your life where it's practical, we're all different and live unique lives with individual needs. All the recipes on this site are simple, all natural, without chemicals and are free! I believe health should be accessible to everyone. 

Currently, I'm teaching stress management through mindfulness & yoga at one of the top secondary school's and companies in Mexico City, Mexico. I also offer group and private yoga classes & coaching at my home studio. You can catch me riding my bike, striking a yoga pose and travelling the world.